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comincia una nuova sezione The planet where I’m living – Il pianeta dove vivo, di Nicolais Legrais, della nostra comunità giovanile del Belgio nella quale cerchiamo di meglio capire che fare per salvaguardare il nostro pianeta.

“We are guardians of the creation, of God’s plan in line with the nature, guardians of the other, of the environment. Do not allow signs of destruction and death accompany the march of our world!”. Thus spoke our Francis pope his early pontificate. He invites everyone to reflect on his relationship to the world, its relationship to life.
Are we still in good agreement with Life in our actions, our lifestyles? The earth is suffering from many ills: war, pollution, deforestation, starvation. For many of these ills, the man is responsible, each is. Nowadays, we tend to see the environment as a source of profit than a living millenary universe.
Of course, there are many organizations and local and national initiatives that tend to want to give some meaning to human actions, respect for creation, we must support it! But unfortunately the balance still leans too much in the red. Can is it to answer the call of the pope, reverse this negative trend by being humble enough to revise our way of life, in agreement with what nature has to offer and the fulfillment of mutual beliefs.
And don’t forget, the earth is not our ancestors who we ready but our children who lend it to us.
Nicolais Legrais

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