The richness of the infinitely small

The man has long acted as if natural resources were inexhaustible. We now know that this is not the case! If we are to ensure the living conditions of future generations, it is necessary to conduct today active preservation policies.
In the plant kingdom, they pass through both the preservation of the biodiversity of species and their environment, and by developing seed banks to conserve genetic resources.
The major challenge of this century will be to feed and ensure decent living conditions for a population growing exponentially: the FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture) provides as well as the world population could s increase to two billion by 2030! This demographic explosion is accompanied by an intensification and agricultural standardization; urban development is carried out to the detriment of natural or agricultural areas. All these factors have resulted in the regression of plant genetic resources. But each genetic resource is alive, his loss is irreparable.
The richness of the infinitely small makes the richness and strength of our world, let us take conscience and act now!

Nicolas Legrain

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