To the brilliance of Altar: A Call to priesthood among the Indian youth.

By Benson and Johness, Bibin and Sebin, youth Barnabite seminariest in Bengalure – India, some reflection about youth in this special country.

The term India has the Greek root ‘indos’ which recalls the most important river Sindhu / Indus of the subcontinent, the 7th largest nation. Later from the medieval period, the term Hindustan came into prevalence. India takes pride as one of the earliest histories, civilizations and spiritual traditions who gave shelter to the refugees and the imperial powers from Greeks to the English. Indians are Hindus by culture, convivial by nature, diverse in faith and belief, opulent in traditions, rich in linguistic diversity but unity among all and eulogise “vasudhaiva kudumbakam.” (Benson and Johness)

With this beauty of embracing ‘world as one family’ we must learn the veracity of youth in India. As UN report states, India acquires the largest youth population all over the world, even though India is less populated than China. The young are the future, for they are creative innovators, leaders and builders of India, and she always depends upon her youth for a radical change. The whole world looks at Indian youth as a source and culmination of technical brightness, constructive manpower, but misconceived that Indian youth’s talents and abilities can be bought at low costs for the great future of the world rest. The main set back of Indian youth is the optimistic attitude towards situations, politics, religion and affluent in unity and spirit amidst of diverse culture and ethnic aptitude. Indian youth have the power to lift our country from a developing nation to a developed nation. (Bibin k. Mathew)

“Truth is in thy heart. Truth lies in you, in your heart”- St. Augustine of Hippo. This same truth was haunted by M.K. Gandhi, the father of nation (India) to be successful and faithful to his mission. The technological outburst made India a guinea pig of Technopoly, breeding cyborgs, and netizens year after year. Amidst of these igeneration mania, as well as a paradigm shift from information to me-formation the land of sages and seers witnessed the presence of Jesus and heeded to his call as the labourers of his field- plentiful of harvest. The number of ordinations to priesthood that only conferred in the eastern church of Syro- Malabar was around 358 and many more in the Latin Dioceses in 2016. Amidst of the heaviness of gadgets and gadget mania Indian youth equate themselves with the desire of his holiness pope Francis that “I wish to have saints who use internet, saints who use mobile phones and latest applications, but sin”. Indian youth especially catholic youth are pretty sure about the necessity of God in their lives amidst of all possessions and possessiveness lured by the world albeit of new historicism. The religious education and training they acquired can generate God fear and commitment to the society therefore saving their souls by saving other’s for Christ. The Indian youth witnessed God experience in others saying “Aham Brahmasmi” (God resides in me) and “Tatwamasi” (thou art that). (Sebin Varghese)