SAMZONAIR2017 (July 5th)

Spiritual way of life

Dear SAMZfollowers,

Wednesday july 5th 7.30 pm (in Rome): Samzonair is
not just a virtual youth meeting from our worldwide community.

To take a part in the hangout we ask:

– A short consideration about the introduction of the Sermon 2nd;
– Either a brief chronicle of your SAMZday
– or one short movie with your considerations (3 minutes max);
– please make simple dialogues and speak slowly in order to have a good comprehension, especially because words throughout the web are slow and confused!).

To participate please sign in your group at: and wait for the participation code;
please: verify whether your internet connection is large enough (I’ve a program to check it).

And now here it is the SAMZ’s words from the 2nd Sermon (introduction):

My dear friends,
     If you consider Christ’s saying that God is Spirit and that those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth [1 John 4:24], and that they become one spirit with Him [1 Cor 6:17], you will not find it difficult to understand that true spiritual life consists in this: that man keep his eyes on God all the time, long for nothing but for God, keep nothing in mind but God, begin every single action in the Lord’s name, and direct it to Him [Col 3:17]: in short, that he unify his whole being — mind, will, memory, senses, and actions — in God, that his heart and his flesh sing for joy to the living God [Ps 84:2], and Christ live in him, not he for himself [Gal 2:20], that his soul be led by the Spirit of God as the body is led by the soul, and the Spirit Himself bear witness to him that he is a child of God and a living pattern of Christ. As a result he can say with the Apostle, “be imitators of me, as I am of Christ” [1 Cor 4:16], as if he were saying, “are you looking for a living model of Christ? Well, look at me.”

Some questions to reflect on the text:

  1. What does spiritual life mean?
  2. What kind of spiritual life do you nourish?
  3. Does Christ live inside the man?
  4. Is your soul lead by the Holy Spirit?
  5. Is it possible to be «a living model of Christ»?
  6. Do you know pope Francis called on a Sinodo about Youth?
  7. Do you know what a “Sinodo” is (meeting)?
  8. Do you think it’s a good chance for the youths and for the Church too?
  9. What could you say about youths to pope Francis?

Please, if you have any pictures about your group send them to me.

Thank you very much,

  • Giannicola M. & SAMZonair staff!