Last February, Fr. Giannicola has visited our st. Anthony Mary Zaccaria Parish in San Mateo, Rizal (Philippine), where some of the youth gathered, we gave him a very warm welcome.
It’s an honor for us to be visited by a priest from a different side of the world. He shared everything we need to understand as a youth to serve God, and know that we are a blessing for everyone, we are the one who will continue to spread the words and His love to others.
We have been talking about the way to be christian in Philippine.
Everyone says that Philippines is a great christian country. I believe that this is true. We always keep the faith to our Lord, Jesus Christ. We believe that life is nothing without Him, we believe that everything happens according to His plan that sometimes we may not understand and still trust Him. Prayer works, our country has experienced many trials like natural calamities and war, everyone suffers but never lose hope that we can overcome those things.
We tend to smile in hardest times and we always keep the faith to our Lord, Jesus Christ. All things are possible in Him, never doubt in His power.
Being a christian is a privilege and a way to know more of our God.
When I was a little boy, I don’t even know how to pray the rosary.
There’s a lot of questions in my mind, where I don’t know why we should do it, what’s the use of praying, and why we must know our Savior, Jesus Christ. But when I stepped on the church and started to serve God, little by little all my questions has been answered.
Praying is one way to communicate Him even when we don’t see Him, I believe that He is always with us all day and all night. We may not see Him but still feel Him whatever comes around, when we are in pain, fear, sadness, and in our happiness. He always blessed us because He promised to be with us every second of our lives. He sacrificed His life for us to live in peace, love, and joy. That for me, we should never waste our life, and let Him be the one to get us and rest in Him forever.
Christian life has made me realized everything. It made me who I am today and spread God’s love through His word. I found myself as His instrument, with the wisdom and talent He has given me, I know that I can touch one’s life to serve our God and strengthen His faith.

Sandy Fortes, St. Mathew’s parish, Marikina