Selina Koka is surely among our youngest entertainers in Milot. Born in Milot in 2001, she joined for the first time Kampi Veror in 2007, while she was only 6! After many years spent in our summer camps as a child, she decided to become a member of our crew of volunteers last year and is now at her second experience as a Kampi Veror’s entertainer.
Selina is currently attending her last year of Gymnasium. Interested in both Architecture and Design, she is going to apply to university next year, maybe even in Italy…

Selina, you took part in Kampi Veror at the very beginning of Barnabites Fathers’ activities in Albania, when you were still a kid. Yet, 10 years later, you are an entertainer of our team. How do you feel about this passage?

I am more than happy I have been part of Kampi Veror as a child, as well as an entertainer of your team now. Every year spent at Kampi Veror made me understand more and more of what I have inside myself. At the very beginning, my only intention was to have fun, but while I was growing up, I started to understand that it wasn’t only that. It was more. And now as an entertainer, I know that having fun it’s not as important as finding who you really are.

In the meanwhile, your country has undergone many changes, as well. What’s your point of view about Albania’s future?

As anyone knows, Albania is a small country that doesn’t count a lot of opportunities. Also, life here isn’t in its best. The history of Albania takes a place on what Albania is nowadays. In my opinion, the leaders of our country should work more on giving the youth of our country opportunities in terms of job, good education, proper salary etc. These are things that don’t actually exist here and they need more attention to make Albania a better place, because the youth is the power.

Let’s get back to our former topic. Why entertaining children and kids should be relevant for the Catholic mission, in your opinion?

Well, kids are the future of every country. So focusing on growing them up must be a really sensitive topic. That’s because children learn from the adults, so eventually we are the ones that should teach them good value and hard work, to achieve what they want in life.

What is your kindest memory of these years of Kampi Veror?

I can’t say I have just one kind memory. They are uncountable, but one thing I’ve achieved every year is friendship, with kids, also with the volunteers from my country and Italy. Every year, I get more and more love from all these people and that’s what makes my heart happy. Over all, I don’t think there is any other kind memory more precious than this.

By Andrea Bianchini