I agree that teenagers think and think well as Psychology explains, a miracle of adolescent development as tweens and teens begin thinking abstractly, their imaginations go wild and they pose lots of not so easy to answer questions. It is a time when many young people reflect on large spiritual questions and seek ultimate truths.
Even though those people think(teenagers) they think of things which are not constructive to spiritual life where most of the time they ask themselves some questions such as I think I can be pretty or hot when I try hard, enough, I am not very trusting of boys and they try to spend too much time trying to perfect their image with materials rather than perfecting their personality.
Nowadays, it is possible to think but people most of the time they think of their priorities but surprisingly, teenagers likely to have bad priorities where they spend too much scrolling through social media, editing photos and videos, etc. rather than doing work that can help them or participating in the prayer groups and other spiritual related activities and they are always confident in whatever activities they do whether sin related activities or non-sin related activities.
According to the gospel of John, as Jesus asked Andrea where he lives, and as they explained that living is not only living in houses, I agree that I live in God and Jesus Christ as son of God through praying and repenting sins and participating in different prayer groups that can help me to live closely with the Almighty God.
Teenagers think critically and broadly, but due to the questions that they meet and challenges they face they live in this life of the earth according to their priorities where most of the time they choose bad priorities such as spending too much time scrolling through social media , involving in different devil activities and sins related activities but not all, because for example, I live in this earth but because of my values and objectives based on Christian values that I have , I try to live in intimate love with almighty God through participating in different church related activities that unite me with God.
May God bless those who are interested in reading my views.
Written by ABAYISENGA Destin, Muhura – Rwanda