In this last WYD, Poland is shown in one of his best days, that of his people. To accommodate this crowd coming from around the world, each of its inhabitants has been asked to make it an experience outside the norm.

It’s in our accommodation we experienced a more intimate relationship with the Polish. Indeed, we were accommodated in families and the space of four days, we have invested their beds, their bathroom, their cuisine, their short-home them. These circumstances hosts were able to show considerate to us, ensuring that our stay in their home as comfortable as possible.
What a joy after a long journey of several hours, to find some rest with those people we do not even know. From left chocolate in tureens, bottles of water on a dresser, a ready meal on the table in the dining room, full profusely. In the streets, doors that open, smiles that are exchanged, they gives us water, cookies … I remember that moment when our bus driver was taking coffee homestay, who proposed it, while we waited for latecomers. Yes, indeed, the Poles were able to be generous.

Past few moments, our guests take the time to further knowledge with us, in English as the Polish us is completely unknown. We come to discuss this and that, but that’s not the point. Only the link account, universality unites us. At WYD, we became fully aware that man’s true strength lies in unity in differences. And this finding prevails for all the people we met there.

In addition to these graces do we, the Polish invite us to dance when we are asked to leave. Here we are smack hands and twirl with our guests the sound of an accordion and singing a lady who sings his country, in which sweat all Polish tradition: a typical accent, an air of Eastern and especially unwavering generosity. We are delighted!

Not content with giving us a smile for the day, some of us still receive presents from their host, evoking Poland. Grateful but annoyed, we grope at best the bottom of our bags, looking for a Belgian symbol or other object in our country. It is found, it will be a Belgian fagnon. We leave and heart full of positive emotions, more confident than ever in human generosity and sharing mutual values.

Nicolai L.

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